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  Apex International Trading, inc. is a diversified Import/Export and Trading Company founded in 1990 and located in Schaumburg, IL, a suburb of Chicago. Our business activities include international and domestic trade.

In the international trade arena we are a General Export company. We export on our own account, and function as Export Managers.

On the import side, Apex International Trading, inc. imports goods for domestic distribution in the US market.

As an Export/Import company, our main goal is to become the most effective and successful facilitator of trade between the developed and developing economies of the world with emphasis on countries from the former Soviet Block.

Through our international trade activities, we are a gateway to the Developing Markets for Worldwide Suppliers and a marketplace for import customers to purchase everything from commodities, manufactured and processed goods ,to turnkey industries.

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Apex International Trading, inc.
221 Wianno Ln.
Schaumburg, IL 60194

email: info@apexinc-usa.com
voice/data: +1.847.843.0117


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